Why Does Poor-Quality Pet Food Exist at all?

Loving your pet is one thing and taking good care of it is another. Taking care of your pet mainly includes cleaning it, spending time with it, and feeding it. By feeding, what we mean here is, feeding your pet with the best quality food which does not include commercial food like kibble. 

Yes, the kibble you have been feeding your pet for years now is not safe! While the pack of the kibble might read “healthy food for your furry friends”, it surely isn’t. If kibble is unhealthy for pets, then why does it exist at all? Well, that’s what we are about to uncover. 

Why Does Kibble Exist? 

Kibble is dry processed food with nearly zero nutrients. This means that the ingredients used to produce kibble are low on nutrients and cost extremely less to the manufacturers. However, they are sold at a lot higher price than they should. Apart from the costs, there are various other reasons which allow kibble manufacturers to sell their products. 

  • Lack of rules and regulations in the pet food industry

The AAFCO or the Association of Amerian Feed Control Officials is ideally supposed to regulate the pet food standards in the country. However, they aren’t doing their job seriously. Since the rules to produce only pet-friendly food aren’t levied, the kibble manufacturers can easily go away with it and bring in cheap-quality products into the market. 

  • Using poor-quality ingredients 

Unfortunately, there are no set standards for the quality of ingredients used in kibble. Therefore, the companies can easily use poor-quality ingredients and save some money on production costs. 

  • Marketing gimmicks 

Marketing strategies are another factor behind poor-quality processed food gaining popularity. The companies market their products with labels such as “premium”, “gourmet”, etc., or with the claim to clean your pet’s teeth. These are just traps to attract more consumers. 

In reality, all processed foods are nothing but a way to disrupt your pet’s health. Therefore, feed them with the best quality raw food from Houston Raw Pet Food in Houston, Texas. Get in touch for details. 

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