Do You Want to Get Started with Feeding Raw?

Hopping on the raw pet food bandwagon is never easy,but it surely is worth it for pet owners and pets alike.
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Why Feed Your Pets Raw?

When it comes to diets and a healthier lifestyle, there are certain things that most pet owners have to keep in mind. Some brands and diets have been deemed as “fads,” so it’s so important to understand what these things offer you and your pets.Here at Houston Raw Pet Food, we’re passionate about all things pets and raw, this is why we’ve taken on the challenge to provide the highest quality raw pet food to those in the Greater Houston Area.There are so many great benefits to feeding our pets raw instead of store-bought kibbles, including minerals and vitamins that are helpful for our pet’s health. This is why encourage our readers and prospective clients to switch to raw – it might not be easy, but it’s surely worth it once you realize how amazing the effects will be to your beloved pets.

Feeding your pets raw doesn’t have to be complicated.After all, Houston Raw Pet Food is here to help you out.Give us a call today if you have any questions or concerns.

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The Four-Step Process to Switching to a Raw Food Diet

We know that switching to a whole new diet might be a bit confusing, but it doesn’t have to be complicated – especially so with the help of our team at Houston Raw Pet Food.To make your lives and your switch to a raw food diet easier, here’s the four-step process that we ultimately follow:

  • Try choosing one protein from our store to get started, as this can be an introductory meal to your pets.
  • Always determine how much food your pets need based on our feeding chart.
  • Based on your pets’ size and feel, you can always adjust their meal portions.
  • Whenever your dogs need supplements, add them.

These steps can be so helpful to our pets, especially so when we’re starting to switch to a raw food diet. So simply keep these in mind to ensure a smoother and more effective transition.To get started, why don’t you look through our latest offerings and shop our best products at Houston Raw Pet Food today?

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Switching to a raw food diet might be daunting, especially to first-time pet owners – though it doesn’t have to be.Here at Houston Raw Pet Food, we’re always ready to help you should you have any queries or concerns involving your pets and the raw food diet.So simply contact us today and we’d be more than happy to help you out.