The Truth about Commercial Dog Food

No one will admit that the pet food industry has taken over the feeding of most dogs we own. While it may have started right, the industry seems to prioritize profit before the actual health of dogs today. New dog parents automatically turn to kibble when they start on this journey. However, some research shows that kibble is not the best dog food.

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The History of Dog Food

It is easy to grab a pack of dog food today. All you need to do is walk into a convenience store and visit the pet section for a variety of canned and kibble food options. What you may find surprising is the fact that canned dog food has been around for years since the 1860s. Kibble came into existence in 1956 when metal was on-demand because of the war. Since then, kibble production has increased and taken over the dog food industry. Before the dog food industry boom, dogs were previously scavengers that ate anything and everything they came across.

But why is Commercial Dig Food Bad for Dogs?

Commercial dog food is not so good for dogs because they are majorly business oriented. This means that marketing is the major focus as brands compete to be the ones people prefer. Unfortunately, this means less focus is given to the actual ingredients and the benefit of the food to the dog. Below are some of the reasons why you should stay away from commercial dog food.

The Ingredients are not Mentioned

The lack of transparency of the source of the food ingredients should be something you worry about. Forget that there is a breakdown of the components in terms of fats, carbohydrates, and the rest, but you will never know if the food is made from animals and plants. This lack of transparency should be something you worry about since you cannot easily tell if the food will cause an allergic reaction.

Nutrient Deficiency

As mentioned earlier, the main focus of most of these commercial foods is to sell. This means that they may not pay attention to whether or not the food is nutrient dense. As a result, most foods are stripped of nutrients and will not be very beneficial to the dog.

Loads of Carbohydrates

While most foods will have a breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, the biggest percentage of the filler ingredient is the carbohydrates which make up 60 to 80 percent of the food. There are too many carbohydrates for the dog. Dogs do not need a lot of dietary carbohydrates.

Low Hydration

Dog diets are meant to have 60 to 75 percent water content. This means that feeding the dog kibbles is strenuous. For healthier dog food options, consider shopping our products online. Houston Raw Pet Food delivers raw dog food in Greater Houston. We will also ship it if you live across Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and beyond. 

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