Ways to Determine the Best Raw Pet Food

You must have decided to switch your pet’s diet to completely raw food. Well, that’s something worth applauding as you have considered your pet’s health over your convenience. But with numerous raw pet food manufacturers across the country, how will you identify a genuine one? 

Identifying a genuine raw pet food supplier can be challenging. Therefore, here are a few tips you can follow to choose the best brand for your pets. 

Tips to Choose the Best Raw Pet Food

Follow these tips and choose only the best for your pets: 

      1. Read the name thoroughly

Product names could be confusing but they communicate a lot. If you find a pack saying:

  • Beef Dog Food - it contains 95% beef
  • Beef Dinner/Beef Formula/Beef Recipe - it contains 25% beef 
  • With Beef/Contains Beef - it contains 3% beef 
  • Beef Flavored - zero beef 

 Thus, read the name and choose wisely. 

      2. Go through the ingredients carefully 

Read the ingredients carefully and look for “meat” as one of the first five ingredients in the food. If you find any corn or soy contents, added flavors, sweeteners, or food coloring, reject the pack as these can be toxic for your pets.

      3. Interpreting the numbers 

You will also find numbers stating the percentage of nutrients on the pack. A few numbers to consider are 30% protein, 18% fat, and 78% of moisture. The moisture content can still vary depending on the food types such as “stew”, “gravy” or “sauce”.  

      4. Daily feeding recommendations 

These give you information regarding your pet’s daily feeding amount. Therefore, the pack should mention the number of cups based on the pet’s weight to be fed daily. However, you can always ask the vet for more accurate feeding. 

      5. Watch out for marketing terms 

Packs mentioning terms like “natural”, “premium”, “organic”, etc. are only for marketing purposes and add no nutritional value to the food. Therefore, watch out for such words and buy only the best. 

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