A healthy diet equals a healthy dog. Therefore, you must invest in healthy dog food to have an energetic and happy dog. Fortunately, there is a lot of information about good quality dog food. One of the best diets is to consider raw diets for your dogs. Contrary to what many imagine, raw diets are the best for all dogs. Raw food contains all the essential nutrients you need for your dog. These natural ingredients promote a healthy heart, increase the dog's energy, and improve their coat shine. All these benefits should push any dog parent to jump ship and transition to raw food diet. But what exactly is a raw food diet for dogs?

Companies such as Houston Raw Pet Food are at the forefront of ensuring dog parents get access to the best raw dog food without compromising quality and benefits to the dog. Fortunately, these companies are available; many come with subscription services and offers. 

What Raw Food Dog Diet Comprises Of

Usually, all raw dog diets consist of raw muscle meat which often refers to meat still on the bone, Bones, which can either be whole or ground, some vegetables, some fruits, some raw eggs, and some dairy, in most cases yogurt. However, the variety of dog food differs depending on what the manufacturer is into. The combination of ingredients and the food details vary from one company to the next. Below are a few raw dog food combinations and types of raw dog meals you will come across.

One of the first combinations includes: the best ingredients found in raw dog food, including:

  •  Raw Beef (with or without organ meats)
  •  Chicken with bone
  •  Duck with bone
  •  Turkey
  •  Beef hearts
  •  Chicken with bone
  •  Chicken hearts
  •  Beef Liver
  •  Beef Kidney
  •  Beef Bone Meal (Ground up bone)
  •  Chicken Liver
  •  Kale
  •  Beef femur bones
  •  Cranberries
  •  Kelp
  •  Sunflower Oil
  •  Eggs
  •  Eggshells

Some other natural combo options you could go for include:

  •  Lamb or Rabbit muscle (80%)
  •  Lamb or Rabbit bone (10%)
  •  Lamb or Rabbit organs (10%)
  •  Ground Chia Seed
  •  Krill Oil
  •  Whey
  •  Lecithin
  •  Alfalfa meal
  •  Barley grass
  •  Turkey, Chicken, or Beef muscle (80%)
  •  Turkey, Chicken, or Beef bone (10%)
  •  Turkey, Chicken, or Beef organs (10%)
  •  Plus, Ground Chia Seed, Krill Oil, Whey, Lecithin, Alfalfa meal, and Barley grass

You can choose different brands of raw dog food. Consider shopping our products online. Houston Raw Pet Food delivers good quality raw dog food to customers around Greater Houston. We will also ship the dog food to you if you live across Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and beyond. 

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