Take your Dog for a Summer Vacation with these Tips

Summers are just around the corner and you must be ready with your vacation plans. Whether these plans include taking a road trip across the country or a stay at a luxurious hotel, you don’t want to leave your dogs behind. After all, they too deserve some fun! 

Thus, to make it possible, we have listed down a few tips which will help you prepare for a safe summer vacation with your pet dogs. Take a look! 

Tips for a Summer Vacation with your Dog

Follow these tips and have a memorable summer vacation with your dog: 

     1. Road trips 

Not all dogs love car rides. Thus, if your dog is one of them, then you may want to go pre-planned with a route and stop in between where your dog can pee, drink water and move around a little. Some dogs can even get anxious while traveling in a car. In such cases, you can give your dog a vet-formulated CBD supplement. These will suppress their anxiety and make them comfortable for the journey. 

      2. Beat the heat 

Your dog may seem healthy and strong but too much sun and heat can easily exhaust them. Therefore, do not forget to include accommodations with air conditioning if you are planning to stay at a hotel. You may also carry other cooling items such as cooling dog beds, vests, or even bandanas. Also, try and include swimming as one of the summer activities. It can help your buddy cool down during these hot days.

      3. Carrying Raw Food 

The best way to carry your dog’s raw food supplies is by storing them in a portable freezer. You may also store the food in ice tubs. This is something you need to prioritize in your list of luggage because your dog cannot munch on the same food as you. 

If carrying raw food along seems inconvenient, you can always buy fresh raw food from Houston Raw Pet Food in Houston, Texas. You can also preorder from our website and keep it ready for the trip. Call us now to know more! 

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