Reviewing the Nulo FreeStyle Dog Food (Dry)

Raw food for pet dogs is very helpful in keeping them healthy. It has proven to improve a dog’s digestion, immune system, and dental health, along with overcoming allergies and other skin-related diseases. 

Thus, if you haven’t switched your dog’s diet to raw food then now is the time. Here’s a detailed review of one of the most preferred dog foods-The Nulo FreeStyle Raw Food. take a look and make a wise decision. 

Nulo FreeStyle Raw Food for Dogs 

The Nulo FreeStyle Raw Food for dogs includes a variety of 9 dry dog foods. All these varieties are rated by the AAFCO nutrient profile. The varieties of food include

  1. Adult Salmon and Peas 
  2. Large Breed Puppy Salmon and Turkey 
  3. Adult Salmon and Chickpeas
  4. Adult Turkey and Sweet Potato 
  5. Adult Trim Cod and Lentils 
  6. Senior Trout and Sweet Potato
  7. Puppy Turkey and Sweet Potato 
  8. Puppy Salmon and Peas 
  9. Adult Small Breed Salmon and Red Lentils   

Ingredient Analysis 

The ingredient-wise analysis is listed below: 

  1. Turkey contains 73% water in its raw form. Most of the moisture is lost when cooked. 
  2. Turkey meal: meat concentrate contains 300% more protein than fresh turkey. 
  3. Salmon meal: another meat concentrate with rich protein contents. 
  4. Chickpeas: contains about 22% protein. 
  5. Chicken fat: high in linoleic acid, omega-6 fatty acid, and a quality ingredient. 
  6. Sweet potato: gluten-free source of complex carbs and naturally rich in dietary fiber and beta carotene. 
  7. Yellow peas: a quality source of carbs and natural fibers, along with 25% protein.
  8. Trout: rich in omega-3 fatty acids containing 73% water. Cooking can lead to loss of moisture. 
  9. Pea fiber: a mixture of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, yet provides no other nutritional value. 
  10. Chicory root: rich in inulin and also a prebiotic. Promotes growth of good bacteria and digestion. 
  11. Chelated minerals: a mineral that is chemically attached to proteins and improves their absorption. 

Nutrient Analysis 

The Nulo FreeStyle Dog Food contains 37% of protein, 20% of fat, and about 35% of carbohydrates. Considering all other products, the brand shows that its food contains an overall 35% of protein, 17% of fat, and 41% of carbohydrates. The fat-to-protein ratio is calculated to be about 48%. 

Therefore, you can conclude that the products served by Nulo contain above-average protein, near-average fat, and below-average carbohydrates. This also proves that the raw food products from Nulo are healthier and more nutritious than other raw foods. 

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