Feeding Raw Dog Food-A Complete Guide

There have been several studies and research which prove that a kibble diet is extremely hazardous for your dog’s health. Therefore, even the experts recommend you make a shift to raw dog food. Raw dog food consists of raw meat along with all the essential nutrients which are necessary to keep your dog healthy. 

Here’s a blog dedicated to all the necessary information regarding raw dog food and steps for a smooth transition to raw food diet. 

Know More About Raw Dog Food 

Raw dog food is an umbrella term for various other raw food diets which fall under this category. A few of those diets include: 

  1. BARF diet or the Biologically Accurate Raw Food Diet
  2. PMR or the Prey Model Raw Diet 

Can you Cook Raw Dog Food?

The whole purpose of feeding raw is to gain nutrients. Therefore, cooking dog food is a complete no as cooking removes all the nutrients from the food. 

Can you Refreeze the Raw Food? 

Thawing and refreezing the raw meat can break down its cell structure, thus it is not recommended. However, you can refreeze once or twice. Frequent thawing and refreezing should be avoided. 

Can Raw Food Spoil? 

Yes, it can! Raw food, especially fish, can spoil within 12 hours if not stored correctly. The recommended temperature to store meat is -4° F. If you are thawing the meat, make sure it doesn’t stay out at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Even the leftovers in your dog’s food bowl should be thrown away after 2 hours. 

Steps for a Smooth Transition

Dogs might not easily accept raw food if they have been fed kibble for their entire lives. Therefore, you can mix both kibble and raw food in the given proportions to make a smooth transition: 

  • Week 1: ¼ raw food, ¾ kibble 
  • Week 2: ½ raw food, ½ kibble 
  • Week 3: ¾ raw food, ¼ kibble 
  • Week 4: complete raw food 

Make your Dog Healthy, Feed them Raw! 

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