Raw Dog Food can Change your Dog’s Life

Have you been feeding kibble or processed food to your pet dogs? If yes, then we would suggest you switch to a raw food diet soon. Dogs belong to the carnivores category of animals and therefore, their anatomy is designed to eat raw food. Their digestive systems are strong enough to break down the raw food. Moreover, raw food benefits them immensely when their health is concerned. 

Here’s a detailed guide to give you more knowledge about how raw food benefits dogs. 

What does Raw Dog Food Contain and How is it Beneficial? 

If you want to see your dogs healthy forever, then raw pet food is the ultimate solution. Dogs have been feeding on kibble but that is not the kind of food they are meant to have. Feeding your dog raw pet food can not only improve their health but also add a few extra years to their life. 

Raw pet food consists of: 

  • Liver 
  • Heart 
  • Kidney 
  • Chicken 
  • Beef 
  • Pork
  • Seafood 
  • Whole and ground bone 
  • Dog-safe fruits and vegetables 

All these are necessary to maintain your dog’s good health by providing the necessary nutrition. Once your dog begins to feed on raw food, you'll notice positive changes in its health, brain functions, and energy levels. These are especially evident among senior dogs. 

How does Dog Size Affect their Metabolism? 

The amount of food needed depends on the metabolism of your dog. Smaller dogs have a slower metabolic rate as compared to large breeds. However, this also depends on how many calories your dog burns. If your dog likes to stay in bed all day, it will burn fewer calories and therefore, need less food. Thus, to feed your dog accurately, consider its size, metabolic rate, breed, and lactation period if it is a female dog. 

Treat your Dog with the Food they Love!

Dogs love raw food especially when it is from Houston Raw Pet Food. Buy the best quality raw food from our store in Houston, Texas. You can also order online or call us now for more information. 

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