Why Is Kibble Bad For Dogs?

Kibble is not the best food option for your dog. Even if you have to give kibble, make sure it is not a long-term plan since kibble is certainly not the best option for your dog. Most of the ingredients in the kibble are not useful. Most actually cause more harm than good.

But What is a Kibble?

You may have noticed that most kibble foods have an extensive list of ingredients. However, you will not be Goggling all of the ingredients at once. Most of these are animal leftovers and additional ingredients that are not so good for your dog. Understanding the ingredients and how they are likely to cause harm will help you make a better-informed choice when picking dog food for your pets.

3D and 4D Meats

While some kibble products indicate that they are meat products, which is a good thing, the problem is that these are 3d and 4d meats, not real ones. These types of meat are not recommended for human consumption. This means that they are also not safe for your pet and should not be given. Unfortunately, these companies are not legally obligated to state the ingredients included in the kibble they produce, so there is no way you can tell.


Corn is not a problem as long as it is of great quality. Unfortunately, the kind included in kibbles as a good filler is not the best quality. Usually, this ingredient will lead to digestive issues and may cause your dog to develop stomach-related issues. Additionally, long-term consumption of this ingredient can cause health issues to your dogs since it is extremely fattening and will trigger diabetes if uncontrolled.


These are chemical preservatives used to ensure that the kibble product lasts long. Unfortunately, the two ingredients are horrible to the dogs. While they are meant to prolong or extend the shelf life of the dog food, they pose a danger to the dogs since the two ingredients have been tested and found to cause liver, kidney, thyroid, and developmental issues in rats. This means that they can potentially trigger the same effects on your dogs.

Food coloring and Dyes

For these kibble brands to sell and attract customers, one strategy that is used is food coloring and dyes. Unfortunately, while this works for the marketing, it is quite a disservice to the dogs. Most pups develop hyperactivity due to the chemical ingredients used in the kibbles. After all, the pups do not benefit from the food coloring.

Instead of feeding your dogs with kibble, consider eating healthy raw diet options. These will guarantee a shinier coat, healthy teeth, improved allergy, increased energy, and clean teeth.

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