Prepare your Dogs for the Game Day!

The game day is always special for us, but that same exciting day can be a little too much for our little furry friends. All the people hanging out at your house for the game can be a bit overwhelming for the dogs. With those new smells, loud cheering and too much food around can sometimes even scare your dogs. 

Therefore, if you wish to enjoy this day with your dogs, make sure to prepare your dog for the upcoming crowd. 

Tips to Prepare your Dog for the Big Day

Here are a few ways you can follow to prepare your dogs for the big game day and enjoy it together. 

      1. Don’t share your food with your dog

The game day menu can be very tempting. Food items like chicken wings with dips, appetizer toothpicks, alcohol, etc. are rich in salt and spices. Dogs can suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, and food poisoning even after a small bite from any of these items. Thus, it's best to keep all the food away from your dog. 

      2. Store the garbage safely 

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and can smell even the tiniest bit of food on waste plates, cups, etc. swallowing waste food items from the bin can be harmful to their health. Thus, it’s best to keep the waste bins out of their reach. 

      3. Designate a safe spot 

Not all dogs are friendly with strangers. When you have guests coming over for a game day, designate a safe spot in the house for your dog. You may also want to keep their favorite toys to keep them engaged. 

      4. Treat your dog’s anxiety 

Dogs can become just as anxious as humans, especially when they are surrounded by people and food. This anxiety might cause some trouble for themselves as well as for your guests. Thus, give them some CBD treats or CBD-infused goat milk yogurt before the guests arrive.

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