Should You Share Your Turkey With Your Dog?

Turkeys make it to almost every family table in America during thanksgiving. But, how does one enjoy this holiday with their pet looking at their plate? Is sharing your turkey with your dog alright, or will this cause any harm?

Well, these are some of your concerns regarding the turkey. However, before feeding your dog a piece of turkey meat, there are a few things you ought to understand. 

Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Turkey Meat?

Turkey meat is good for dogs., Being a protein, Turkey is an excellent food option, and the fact that it has riboflavin is a plus. What's more, dogs love the taste of Turkey. However, before rushing to cut a big piece of the Thanksgiving turkey for your dog, there are a few things you must understand.

First, you want to ensure the seasoning ingredients used to prepare the Turkey. Most of these are not friendly to your dog and should be avoided at all costs. You want to be careful since giving the dog a slice of seasoned turkey meat could cause its stomach to be irritated, thus triggering diarrhea and sodium poisoning.

Raw or Cooked Turkey? - What is Recommended

Most dog parents worry about feeding their dog's raw meat. However, contrary to their opinion, raw turkey meat is the best. Most dog parents do not realize that dogs have different stomachs and can withstand many seemingly dangerous microorganisms without being affected.

How Raw and Cooked Turkey Meat

Once you are convinced that raw turkey meat is good for your dog, your next move should be to compare the cooked and raw options., The cooked turkey lacks minerals and useful nutrients that your dog needs. Cooking tends to destroy some of the essential vitamins, such as vitamins A and B. It is, therefore, better to feed your dog with raw Turkey as opposed to cooked one.

What your Dog Gains when Consuming Turkey Meat

Instead of throwing some of the extra turkey meat, you do not consume, giving it to your dog is best. Each part has specific benefits you ought to learn about.

  1. Turkey Necks

You want to feed your pups with turkey necks because they come loaded with glucosamine and chondroitin, which are both good for the dog's bone health. They are also great for chewing and cleaning the teeth because of the stimulation they provide.

  1. Ground Turkey

This kind of turkey meat is great for your dog as a treat. Add some raw veggies and let your dog enjoy.

  1. Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is actaully better than regualr bacon, which has a lot of fat content. Just be sure to use the low sodium pack to avoid any toxicity.

  1. Turkey Tail

Turkey tail is excellent for dogs. It is used as n immune booster that helps fight inflammation, cancer, and viruses. While the tail may not be the tastiest, you can add small amounts to the dog's dinner to boost its immunity and energy levels.

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