Is Raw Food Suitable for Cats?

Raw food for cats and dogs has become popular among pet parents these days. People are now understanding the benefits of raw food and the disadvantages of processed diets. However, there are still a few questions that need to be addressed to avoid any confusion among those who are planning to make a switch. 

Thus, to help pet parents make a wise choice, let us answer some common questions regarding raw food for cats

Common Questions about Raw Food for Cats 

Following are some questions usually revolving in the heads of pet parents who are about to switch to a raw diet. Thus, to help them, our experts have answered them in great detail. 

      1. What is a raw food diet? 

Firstly, let’s address the term “raw”. Here, the term raw means food that is completely pure and unprocessed. It has not undergone any processes to make it last longer or taste better. The food is in its original form without any artificial flavoring and colors. Raw food for cats usually includes different types of meat, fish, fiber source, etc. 


      2. What are the benefits of raw food for cats? 

Experts believe that raw food has the following benefits for cats: 

  • Improves dental health 
  • Encourages water intake 
  • It is a great source of unprocessed proteins 
  • Reduces the risk of obesity due to the lower levels of carbohydrates
  • Improves skin and fur 
  • Improves allergies and other similar conditions


      3. Is this diet safe for cats? 

Since the food is raw, the chances of bacterial contamination are also higher. However, the risk of infection among cats is lower because of their shorter GI systems. The risk of infection can also be reduced by buying raw food from a reliable source. 


      4. Which health issues are cured by raw food? 

Cats are believed to be desert dwellers who have now evolved to live among humans. However, their lower thirst drives remain the same which leads to kidney disease. But feeding on raw food can solve this issue as the diet increases a cat’s water intake. 

Now, that we have answered these questions, why don’t you make the switch? Buy the first pack of raw food for your cat today from Houston Raw Pet Food, Texas. Call us now in case of queries. 

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