Is it Safe to Feed Raw Food to your Pets?

Fresh raw food for your pet cats and dogs-the idea might seem unconvincing if you have never thought of switching or aren’t aware of the harmful effects of kibble on your pet’s health. Pet parents who wish to see their cats and dogs in the best health always have already made the switch and their take on raw food diet is utterly positive. 

Even the experts have proved with years of research that a raw food diet is the best food you can ever give to your pets. After all, your pets are naturally designed to eat raw food. Let us read more about this. 

What do the Studies Say? 

Several vets and other experts have spent years identifying the benefits of raw food over processed food. They say that since dogs and cats belong to the carnivores category of animals and inherit the qualities of hunting and eating raw. Even their bodies are fit to digest that food. Processed food or kibble is something that is never meant to be given to them. 

Processed food is manufactured at extremely high temperatures which remove nearly 75% of the moisture from the food along with all the essential nutrients. Once the nutrients are removed, the manufacturers add grain and other contents as fillers. This is what proves to be stressful for your pet’s digestive system. 

Raw food, on the other hand, is not manufactured or processed. Therefore, it contains all the essential nutrients along with an appropriate amount of moisture. This is the kind of food your pet’s digestive system is wired to break down. Therefore, if you believe the experts, switching to raw food isn’t a bad idea at all. 

Benefits of Switching to Raw Food 

Not only does raw food provide all the necessary nutrients, but it also benefits your pets in other ways. 

  1. Healthy fur and skin 
  2. Stronger bones, teeth, and joints 
  3. Reduced or cured allergies
  4. More energetic 
  5. Improved digestion

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