How to Deal with My Dog’s Picky Eating Habits?

As a pet parent, you must have experienced cases when your pet dog just rejects the food you present to them. That is a disheartening feeling when you realize that your dog is very picky about its food. This is an even bigger problem when you are trying to switch its diet from kibble to raw food. 

You know that kibble isn’t good for your dog’s health and switching is the best option. But how would you deal with the pickiness? Read further to know more. 

My Dog and its Pickiness

Pickiness at first might seem like your dog is just throwing tantrums. But that’s not the case. Pickiness is a disease that involves the connection between the gut and the brain. 

The gut-brain connection means that the bacteria present in your dog’s gut, responsible for digestion, send signals to the brain. These signals are what control your dog’s food preferences. For example, if your dog has been feeding on carbohydrate-rich food for a while now, the bacteria-breaking carbs will grow more than others, sending signals to the brain to eat more favorable food. 

Therefore, if you suddenly present them with a bowl of raw food containing fewer carbs, they will immediately reject it because their brain is making them do so. 

Pickiness is surely a disease, however, it can be addressed at home by a few simple techniques. 

  1. Try and feed your dog food that does not support the bacterial growth in their gut. 
  2. You may also give it some bone broth and raw goat milk to strengthen its gut wall and healthy microbial inoculation. 
  3. The ultimate way to overcome your dog’s pickiness is some patience. Trying to feed them new food every time may stop them from eating at all. Thus, just wait for a bit and let it happen naturally. 

If nothing works, you can always visit a vet for expert care. 

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