How Does a Raw Food Diet Helps Dogs?

Raw food diet for dogs is still a debatable matter for many. Some believe raw food is what dogs are meant to have. While others think processed food provides the needed nutrients. Well, the confusion cannot be sorted out like this. We need evidence that proves the benefits of raw food over processed kibble. 

If you too have been in such confusion. Then this blog will help you. It mentions the contents of raw food and how they benefit dogs. Take a look! 

What is Raw Diet for Dogs? 

Experts believe that dogs belong to the wild and therefore, should be fed accordingly. Their ancestors hunted and fed on raw meat and dogs should be fed in the same manner. However, that is not possible for domesticated or pet dogs. Though dogs still can eat and digest raw meat, hunting is no longer their forte. Instead, they prefer eating whatever comes in their food bowl. 

Thus, as responsible pet parents, it is our job to offer them the right food. By right food, we mean a raw diet. A raw food diet includes uncooked and unprocessed food items like: 

  1. Muscle meat 
  2. Organ meat 
  3. Whole or ground bones 
  4. Raw eggs 
  5. Fruits and vegetables 
  6. A small portion of dairy 

Benefits of Raw Food 

Studies prove that raw food is more beneficial than processed food. It has the following advantages: 

  • Healthier skin and fur 
  • Improved dental health 
  • Higher energy levels 
  • Compact and smell less stool 
  • Improved digestion 
  • Reduced allergies and infections 

The sole reason for these benefits is that a dog’s body is easily able to absorb all the nutrients from the raw food. As the nutrients are absorbed in their pure state, the result is sure to be positive. 

Transitioning to Raw Diet 

Transitioning to raw food can be a difficult process as not all dogs accept the change at once. Thus, here’s how you can assure a smooth transition from kibble to raw food. 

  • Week 1: ¼ raw food + ¾ kibble 
  • Week 2: ½ raw food + ½ kibble 
  • Week 3: ¾ raw food + ¼ kibble 
  • Week 4: complete raw meals 

You can begin the transition by buying the first pack of raw food from Houston Raw Pet Food, Texas. Contact our team today for more details. 

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