Is Raw Meat an Effective Diet for Pets?

Dogs and cats are some of the most common animals we keep as pets. While we love looking after them, what we often forget in the process is their natural food habits. Dogs and cats are meant to live in the wild originally, therefore, their bodies are designed to kill, eat and digest raw meat. However, pet dogs and cats are refrained from such meals because of the processed foods that are marketed as “the healthiest food for pets”. We believe in these marketing gimmicks and deprive our pets of what they need-raw meat! 

Let us learn more about how raw meat is an effective diet for our pets

Benefits of Raw Meat 

If you are planning to switch your pet’s diet to raw meat, then there must be a few questions coming up in your head. Let’s address them first. 

  • How did kibble replace raw meat? 

During the world war, pet food manufacturers were forced to pack their products in bags instead of cans due to the shortage of can metal. This also forced them to dry their product and that’s how kibble entered the market. 

  • How do you get rid of parasites present in raw pet food? 

This is another concern pet parents come across when it comes to feeding raw meat. Parasites are mainly found in the gut of the prey, which means, that raw containing only muscle mass does not contain parasites. All you need to take care of is remove the guts of the prey and store the rest of the meat in the freezer for at least 3 days before feeding it to your pets. 

  • How to perfectly handle and store raw pet food? 

Pets are a part of your family, therefore, taking care of their food is your responsibility. Follow the same cleaning and washing routine as you would do for your food. Serve only fresh meat in clean bowls and utensils. 

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