How can you Feed Organs to your Dog?

Raw meat is highly beneficial for pet dogs. However, not all dogs are up for it. Just like humans, even dogs can refuse to have their usual meals. One of the major reasons behind this rejection could be the texture and the smell of organs in the meat. Though the dog does not agree to eat raw meat, you should never give up on trying to feed them. 

Here are a few ways listed for you to successfully feed your dogs the kind of meat and organs they need to stay healthy. 

Ways to Successfully Feed your Dog 

The best way to feed your dog is to give them raw meat. However, if they reject this food, you can follow these ways to make them eat. 

      1. Chop the organs into small pieces and mix them in

Dogs love muscle meat but may refuse to eat organs. Therefore, you can chop the organs into small pieces and mix them in with the muscle meat. This will help in hiding the smell and texture of the organs. 

      2. Feed chopped and frozen organs

Chopped and frozen organs won’t smell or feel the same and your dog can have them happily. Once your dog accepts to eat the frozen organs, you can offer them fewer frozen pieces and gradually move on to unfrozen chopped organs. 

      3. Change the texture by searing the outside 

You can also toss the organ on the hot pan for a while and remove the outer layer of the organ. This will change the texture but remember not to overcook it as that will remove all the nutrients. 

      4. Explore some varieties

A few dogs can be choosy when it comes to organs. Your dog might not like beef liver but may love turkey liver. Therefore, try the organs of different animals to find the perfect source for your dog. 

If you have found the right kind of organ meat for your dog, then why not order some from Houston Raw Pet Food in Houston, Texas? You can also call us for more information. 

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