What Turkey Treats Should We Share with Our Dogs?

Turkey is one of the most popular meats that we consume as Americans, and we even have a special day dedicated to cooking and eating this meat.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving every single year, the question on everybody’s minds is this: should we treat our pet dogs to turkey treats?

We have a lot of turkeys or leftover turkey during Thanksgiving, and we sometimes forget that this meat can be such a special treat for our dogs.

Yes, we can feed our dogs turkey, and dogs actually love turkey’s taste.

Not only is this meat delicious for our pets, but it’s also nutrient-rich as this has protein and riboflavin. Not only that, but turkey meat is actually so digestible and great for our pets’ immune systems. Overall, turkey is a healthy treat for our pets.

However, we shouldn’t feed our dogs turkey on a daily basis, and there are certain turkey treats that we have to refrain from.

If you’re wondering what kind of turkey treats we can feed our dogs, just look through this list:

  • Ground Turkey
  • Turkey Tail
  • Turkey Jerky
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Turkey Neck

Keep in mind that it’s never alright to feed our dog's cooked bones, so never feed them the bones of your cooked turkey as these might introduce various problems.

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