Fat and Protein Contents in Raw Food

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention states that more than 50% of dogs in our country are overweight or obese. This proves that obesity is one of the most common health issues among dogs. Obesity not only makes your dog lazy but also invites other health conditions. 

Hence, to prevent your dog from such troubles, you need to keep an eye on their food. As a responsible pet parent, you need to monitor the amount of protein and fat you feed them daily. You can know more about the same in this blog. 

Protein Content in Raw Dog Food 

Not every type of meat contains the same amount of protein. If your dog suffers from a protein deficiency, you can give them meats like wild rabbit, venison, wild turkey, and quail. These meats are rich in protein and help in overcoming the deficiency. 

You may also feed chicken, pork, beef, lamb, etc. if protein deficiency is not an issue. These meats are low in protein content and can balance out the initial high protein intake. 

Fat Content in Raw Dog Food  

Along with protein content, fat content is also something important to look for. If your dog suffers from obesity or is overweight, you can go for meats like quail, wild turkey, and wild rabbit. 

However, if the issue of obesity isn’t so severe, you can go for rabbit, chicken, domestic turkey, and venison meat. These have a moderate level of fat content and can help your dog normalize the fat content in its body. 

If your dog needs a high amount of protein in its diet, choose meats like pork, lamb, beef, and duck. 

Weight Management Strategies 

The strategy becomes simple once you identify your dog’s fat and protein needs based on their daily activities. If your dog is active and weight is not an issue, you can go for meats containing high protein and moderate or high fat. This will help it gain energy for daily activities. The same can be reversed if your dog is overweight or obese. 

Understanding your dog’s nutrient requirements will help you in giving them the perfect raw meal. You can buy the best quality raw dog food from us at Houston Raw Pet Food, Texas. Contact us now for more details.

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