Debunking the Myths About Raw Dog Food

Have you recently switched your dog’s diet to raw food? If yes, then you would have come across a few people opposing the raw food diet. They can say all sorts of things just so you would not stop feeding kibble. However, a major part of the things they say or claim is false. 

Hence, to clear all the confusion, we have listed a few common myths surrounding the topic of raw dog food. Take a look! 

Myths Around Raw Food Diet 

Here are some myths and misconceptions about raw dog food. 

      1. “Raw meat is an unbalanced diet” 

People feel that raw food is unbalanced. However, on the contrary, raw food is the most balanced diet you can feed your dog. It contains all sorts of food items like meat, bones, organs, vegetables, and fruits. 

      2. “Raw food increases the risk of salmonella infection” 

It is often believed that since meat and other food items are raw, they are prone to bacterial infection. However, the reality is the opposite. Raw food bought from a reliable source is pure and hygienic. 

      3. “Feeding raw is time-consuming and complicated” 

Feeding raw does not mean you have to go out hunting for animal meat. You can easily buy raw food from the market and store it in a deep freezer and defrost it before serving. 

      4. “Raw food is expensive” 

Raw food is not as expensive as you believe. It might cost a little higher than kibble and other processed dog foods, but that’s for the greater good. Expensive and good-quality raw food is better than poor-quality cheap kibble. 

      5. “Raw diet makes your dog aggressive” 

Feeding raw doest not evoke the hound in your dog. In fact, it helps in improving your dog’s health and behavior. If your dog’s health is in shape, it is sure to behave well. 

      6. “Raw diet isn’t for small and toy dogs” 

Raw diet works just fine with all sizes of dogs. Small dogs and toy dogs might not need the same amount of food as large breeds but they are fit to have small portions of raw food. 

Now that a lot of myths have been addressed, why don’t you give your dog our exclusive raw food from Houston Raw Pet Food, Texas? Call us now to get your first pack! 

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