Is Green Tripe Good For Your Dog?

Raw meat and organs are extremely beneficial for dogs. This also includes tripe. Tripe is the stomach region of grazing animals like cattle, lamb, pigs, and sheep. These animals have unique stomachs with four chambers. These chambers can systematically break down the grass using all sorts of digestive enzymes, juices, and acids. 

The tripe is called green because of the grass eaten by the animal. However, the original color of the tripe is found to be brown. Giving tripe as a part of their meal can help dogs in many ways. 

Benefits of Feeding Green Tripe 

Feeding green trip can benefit your dog in the following ways: 

      1. Digestion 

Since tripe has a lot of digestive juices, enzymes, and bacteria, it can help in improving your dog’s digestion. Your dog also gets more nutrients from this meat. It is also beneficial in improving metabolism, the immune system, and hormonal function. 

      2. It is a natural probiotic 

The tripe also acts as a natural probiotic, containing all the good bacteria like lactobacillus, acidophilus, etc. These two are also the key ingredients of a probiotic, which means, your dog does not need any additional probiotics. 

      3. Fights allergies and sensitivities 

Green tripe is an easy protein to digest. This means it can help in overcoming allergies and sensitivities. Moreover, tripe is also partially digested, meaning, your dog can easily have it without any other side effects or stomach issues. 

      4. Dense in nutrients 

Green tripe is full of all sorts of minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. It is also a rich source of other minerals and vitamins. Thus, feeding tripe can enhance your dog's health by providing all the necessary nutrients. Moreover, it also improves your dog’s skin and fur. 

      5. Dental health 

Green tripe is also known to improve your dog’s dental health. Its rubbery texture helps in strengthening its jaws, massages its gums, and scrapes the teeth. It is like a natural toothbrush for your dog. 

Though tripe is beneficial for your dog, feeding it more than 2 times a week is not recommended. This is mainly because it is not a balanced meal. Thus, feed tripe as per recommendation only

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