Addressing 3 Myths about Raw Pet Food

Our pet dogs are the dearest to us and we always want the best for them. But have we been doing enough to achieve that? Not really if we feed them kibble. Kibble is something you should never feed your dog. The best way to show your love for your pet dog is by feeding them raw pet food. 

Switching to raw pet food might not be easy as there are several myths surrounding the idea. Thus, we have compiled a blog addressing 3 myths about raw pet food. 

Uncovering the Truth about Raw Pet Food

Here are 3 common myths people come across while switching to a raw food diet for their dogs. 

      1. Dogs are domesticated, how can they digest raw food? 

Dogs have been domesticated for years now but their digestive systems and overall anatomy have not fully adapted to processed food yet. They may eat it with joy due to its taste, but they would surely lack all the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Thus, it is best to feed your dog raw food to maintain its health. 

      2. Kibble also has necessary nutrition, then why switch to raw food? 

Kibble contains all the necessary nutrition, or at least that’s what the pack says. The truth is that kibble lacks all the necessary nutrition that a dog needs. Kibble is produced after being processed at high temperatures which strips it of moisture and major nutrients. Thus, it is one of the unhealthiest food your dog can feed on

      3. Raw pet food can be heavy to digest 

Since the food is raw, you might feel it can be heavy on your dog’s digestive system. However, the truth is the opposite. Raw food doesn’t contain any harmful elements, therefore, it is easy to digest and your dog feeds on exactly what they are meant to have.    

Your Dog Deserves Only the Best!

Now that the myths have been cleared, you can buy the best quality raw pet food from Houston Raw Pet Food in Houston, Texas. Contact us now for more details. 

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