A Guide to Safely Transition your Senior Dog to Raw Diet

Putting your dog on a raw diet is a healthy way to lengthen its lifespan. This stands true even for your senior pet dogs. Yes, you read it right. Senior dogs are just as capable to be on a raw diet as younger dogs. You might believe that since your dog is in the later stage of its life, putting them on a raw diet might not be a good idea. However, the truth is exactly the opposite. 

Here’s a guide that will help you safely transition your senior dog to a raw diet

A Safe Way to Transition to a Raw Diet 

Follow these steps and begin a raw diet for your senior dogs. 

      1. Prepare their guts 

Since your dogs are already in the later stage of their lives, it will take some time for them to completely shift and adjust to a raw food diet. Therefore, begin by preparing their guts for the new diet. You can do this by giving them probiotics. Further, you can also give them raw goat milk along with the usual kibble they have. This will allow them to slowly get used to the raw food. 

      2. Add raw food to their usual dry food 

Once you have followed step 1 for about 3 to 5 days, you would be surprised to see how much your dog loves raw food. But that doesn’t mean you give them an entirely raw food meal right away. Since they have been eating kibble or canned food for their entire life now, their digestive system can get overwhelmed by entirely raw meals. Here’s how you can mix both kibble and raw food for a smooth transition: 

  • Week-1: ¼ raw and ¾ kibble 
  • Week-2: ½ raw and ½ kibble 
  • Week-3: ¾ raw and ¼ kibble 
  • Week-4: full raw meals 

Once you feel your senior dog has accepted the raw meals, you’re good to buy more food for them. You can explore several raw food products for your senior dogs at Houston Raw Pet Food in Houston, Texas. Contact us for more details. 

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