It's Never Too Late To Switch Your Senior Dog to A Raw Diet

Are pet parents worried about switching their dog's diet because it is too old? Senior dogs can also enjoy raw foods and benefit immensely from them. The good news is that there is no specific period that one should switch to raw foods for their senior dogs. 

Senior Dogs and Raw Food

Feeding your dog raw food will give it more benefits than any other diet. Visit Houston Raw Pet Food to see what options are available. A direct benefit of giving your senior dog raw food is that it gets antioxidants that are important for slowing down the aging process. Other benefits include:

  •   improved coats
  •   Improved dental hygiene
  •   Reduced scratching/itching

The raw diet also includes enzymes and useful vitamins that will promote the positive living of your dog.

Food Options for Senior Dogs

There are several options to feed your senior dog. You can opt for dry, wet, raw, and cooked. Each of these options has pros and cons.

Dry Food

Most people prefer this food option because it is affordable and easy to use. However, most dry foods are kibbles and are the least impactful on your dog's health. You may also want to avoid kibble because it has preservatives and additives that add no value to the dog's health.

Wet Food

This is the type of dog food that has 75 percent water in a can. Most wet foods are an upgrade to kibble. The only difference is that it does not cause your dog to be dehydrated. Also, note that most canned foods have more water than anything else. This means that your dog will need several cans if it is to be of any benefit nutritionally. 

Cooked Food

Cooked food is another great option for nutrient-dense foods. But unfortunately, cooking the food destroys some of the dog's beneficial nutrients. So while cooked food is better than kibbled or canned foods, it still lacks some important nutrients your dog needs.

Raw Food

Out of all the four food options available, you need to consider raw feeding as the best alternative. This option supplies maximum nutrients to your dog and helps boost overall health.

Transitioning your Senior Dog to Raw Food

Note that you can change your dog's food to raw at any stage of its life. Feeding your senior dog raw food helps boost its energy and ensures it stays healthy.

What to Lookout For During the Transition

Note that some dogs may struggle during the detoxification phase. some senior dogs may be affected more during this stage, and you will notice specific symptoms, including:

  •   Loose or mucous stool
  •   Excretions through their ears
  •   Runny eyes
  •   In some cases, the loss of some coat

Don't be alarmed when the dog experiences these symptoms. Things will change over time, and the dog's health will improve. Feel free to shop our products online. Houston Raw Pet Food will deliver the food anywhere in the Greater Houston Area. We will also ship across Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and beyond.

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