4 Common Mistakes People Make While Feeding Raw Dog Food

Many pet parents have now agreed with the idea that kibble is bad for dogs. They are now switching to raw food diet. While feeding raw to your dog is extremely beneficial, there are still a few things you might be doing wrong. 

Not that your dog is going to complain about it but you still need to know if you are making any mistakes. Thus, to help you out, we have listed down a few common mistakes people make while feeding raw to their dogs. 

Common Mistakes Made while Feeding Raw 

Feeding raw is surely helpful but you still need to be careful about a few things. Thus, here are some mistakes to avoid while feeding raw food to your dogs. 

      1. Poor dosage of vitamins and supplements 

You might assume that feeding raw will satisfy all the nutritional needs. However, that is not true for all. A few dog breeds might need extra vitamins and other nutrients. Thus, always try and include vitamin supplements in your dog’s diet (always consult a vet before including supplements). 

      2. Including too many fillers 

Filler is the small portions of fibrous vegetables and fruits included in raw food diet. These filters help in providing certain micronutrients. However, they are only helpful if given in a controlled amount. Too many fillers can again result in bad health as dogs are not meant to digest a lot of veggies and fruits. 

      3. Ignoring the safety standards

Just as we handle our food carefully and safely, the same needs to be done with dog food. Mishandling or careless behavior can contaminate the raw food. Thus, always be careful and make sure the food you offer to your dog is hygienic and safe. 

      4. Switching too quickly 

If your dog has been on kibble for a long, switching immediately might be harmful. A sudden switch to raw food can upset your dog’s digestive system. Thus, make sure you make a smooth transition by giving them both foods in a measured proportion. 

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