Smallbatch Chicken Frozen Raw Patties Dog Food, 18 lb

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Small Batch Chicken Frozen Raw Dog Food Patties combines chicken, chicken liver, gizzard and heart, and organic veggies to craft a thoughtfully-formulated dog food that is:

  • Made with free-range, pasture-raised meats
  • Packed with organic-only produce
  • Free of any corn, soy, by-product meal, or artificial preservatives
  • Ideal for dogs of all life stages


Small Batch aims to always use meats that are free-range and free of any antibiotics or synthetic hormones. True to their emphasis on quality and raw nutrition, Small Batch's products are made on the U.S.'s West Coast without High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP).


chicken, chicken backs, skinless chicken necks, chicken livers, chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, organic yams, organic carrots, organic squash, organic broccoli, salmon oil, organic kale, organic collards, organic kelp, organic parsley, organic wheatgrass, organic bilberry, organic garlic, organic rosemary, organic basil


Guaranteed Analysis:

Moisture (max): 71.7%
Crude Protein (min): 15.7%
Crude Fat (min): 7.8%
Crude Fiber (max): 0.4%
Ash (max): 2.7%
Calcium (min): 0.5%
Phosphorus (min): 0.4%

Calorie Content: Approx. 56 kcal per slider | Approx. 448 kcal per patty

Feeding Guidelines:

Quantities per day can be doubled for nursing or pregnant dogs and puppies. Please note that you should always consult your veterinarian, especially regarding mommas-to-be or nursing dogs. These are only guidelines and may need to be adjusted depending on your individual dog’s needs.

Quantities are per day
5 lbs: 2 Sliders | .25 Patty
10 lbs: 4 Sliders | .5 Patty
15 lbs: 6 Sliders | .75 Patty
20 lbs: 8 Sliders | 1 Patty
40 lbs: 16 Sliders | 2 Patties
60 lbs: 24 Sliders | 3 Patties
80 lbs: 32 Sliders | 4 Patties
100 lbs: 40 Sliders | 5 Patties


We deliver bi-weekly to homes in Houston and 50 miles outside its surroundings.

We also provide next-say UPS Ground Shipping to major cities in Texas including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, etc.