Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

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Size: 13-lb, 25-lb, 50-lb (2 x 25-lb)
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Size: 13-lb

50-lb (2 x 25-lb)

Biologically appropriate grain free dog food with the highest quality deboned chicken, deboned turkey, yellowtail flounder, whole eggs, whole atlantic mackerel, and more locally sourced meats, fruits and vegetables make this food the tastiest and healthiest food for all four-legged taste testers. Large breed puppies require a diet rich in protein for muscle mass, yet calorie limited to promote a healthy body weight and reduce stress on developing bones and joints. ORIJEN Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog food contains 85% poultry, fish and eggs, 15% fruits and vegetables, and 0% grains, potatoes, or plant proteins. ORIJEN’s Large Breed Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food is sustainably farmed, and is so fresh, it’s actually rated for human consumption.

Why We Love It

  • Biologically appropriate and made without grains
  • No rendered poultry meals, and no by-products
  • Made in Kentucky, USA


ORIJEN's goal is simple; provide the best possible food for your pet, period. Dogs evolved as hunters - the structure of their teeth, jaws, and digestive system scientifically classifies them as carnivores, evolved to eat a meat based diet. Through a biologically appropriate diet packed with fresh meats, ORIJEN captures the carnivore in your pet and releases their inner instinct in each grain-free recipe. With 85-90% meat ingredients, ORIJEN has 3 times the meat of most conventional dog foods. Two thirds of the meats in every formula are raw or fresh, and never rendered or processed, so they are brimming with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The high quality fresh meats and low-glycemic healthy carbohydrates are all sustainably sourced in the USA and made in Kentucky from trusted farmers. With heritage red meats from America's heartland, wild caught fish from New England, free run poultry and eggs, locally grown fruits, vegetables and botanicals such as butternut squash and Bartlett Pears, trusted sustainable American farmers are at the core of ORIJEN's business. The unmatched variety of high quality ingredients rival mother nature, supplying nutrients in their freshest, most natural flavorful form, mimicking the ancestral diet and keeping your pet's inner instinct happy and healthy.



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Guaranteed Analysis

38% min Crude Protein
16% min Crude Fat
6% max Crude Fiber
12% max Moisture
1.2% min Calcium
1% min Phosphorus
3% min Omega-6 Fatty Acids
0.8% min Omega-3 Fatty Acids
0.2% min DHA & EPA
600 mg/kg min Glucosamine
600 mg/kg min Chondroitin Sulfate


ORIJEN provides more calories from protein and fat and fewer from carbohydrates, providing a calorie distribution that mirrors a natural puppy diet. Metabolizable energy is 3940 kcal/kg (449 kcal per 8oz. cup) with 39% from protein, 20% from vegetables and fruits and 41% from fat.

Feeding Instructions

11 lbs 1 1/3 1 1/3 1 1/3 1 1/3 1 1/3 1 1/3
22 lbs 2 1/3 2 1/3 2 1/3 2 1/3 2 1/3 2 1/3
44 lbs 3 3 4 4 4 4
66 lbs 2 2/3* 4 ¼ 4 ¼ 4 ¼ 5 1/3 5 1/3
88 lbs -- 3 1/3* 4 5 1/3 5 1/3 5 1/3
110 lbs -- -- 4 4 ¾ 6 ¼ 6 ¼
132 lbs -- -- -- 4 ½* 5 1/3 7 ¼
154 lbs -- -- -- -- 5* 6
176 lbs -- -- -- -- -- 5 ½*
Additional Information

13-lb, 25-lb, 50-lb (2 x 25-lb)