Herbsmith Bladder Care for Cats and Dogs – Maintains Urinary Health for Dogs and Cats – Dog and Cat Kidney Support (Select a Size)

Size: 75g

Size: 75g

  • HELPS PREVENT CRYSTALS AND STONES – An abnormal urine pH can leave your pet subjected to kidney stones or urine crystals. Herbsmith Bladder Care helps the body maintain a normal pH through detoxification. Our proprietary blend supports the kidneys - in turn reducing the likelihood of painful blockages, naturally.
  • CRANBERRY AND D-MANNOSE – These two super ingredients are the backbone of Bladder Care. They help the body to fend off bad bacteria in your pet’s renal system. Cranberry lowers the bladder pH just slightly to create an unfavorable environment for struvite crystals and harmful bacteria, while d-mannose (a long-chain sugar) allows bacteria to attach to it and then carries it out of the body in urine. Together they’re a bacteria-fighting powerhouse!
  • PROMOTES A HEALTHY URINARY TRACT – Dog and cat bladder infections are often caused by E. coli or other harmful bacteria attaching to the walls of the bladder. Bladder Care promotes normal, healthy urinary tract function and protects the walls of the bladder from harmful bacteria. Without a place to attach, the bacteria can be carried out in urine elimination, or detoxed by the kidneys. No harm, no foul.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES – Inflammation in the bladder and urinary tract causes your pet discomfort and may even lead to feline or canine incontinence. The herbs in our all-natural bladder care supplement help the body regulate a normal inflammatory response. In turn, the urinary system remains balanced and functions in its most efficient state.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY URINE ELIMINATION – Pets can be plagued with a long list of urine elimination issues – from pain to straining. The herbs in Bladder Care helps to maintain normal pH balance to keep the kidneys and bladder functioning properly. By helping to prevent bad bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall, Bladder Care creates the optimal environment for good bacteria to thrive and keep the urinary tract functioning normally.