Herbsmith Athlete – Canine Endurance Supplement for Working and Agility Dogs – For the Canine Athlete ( Select a Size)

Size: 75g

Size: 75g

The bodies of working dogs and canine athletes take a toll from hard work day in and day out! Athlete assists the body in balancing your high-energy, high-drive dog. With all-natural ingredients, this dog endurance supplement supports stamina, promotes proper oxygen utilization and aids with normal recovery time. This isn’t for short-lived boosts of energy, but instead for sustained peak performance! Athlete™ helps to maintain proper body composition by supporting stamina, endurance, oxygen utilization, and normal recovery time after strenuous activity. By making the body as balanced as possible, Athlete™ allows the canine athlete to attain peak performance.
  • SHORTENED RECOVERY TIME – For a dog that works daily- fatigue, lethargy, and decreased performance is inevitable over time. As the body continues to push forward, the recovery time becomes longer and longer. The combination of ingredients in Athlete helps the body go through the recovery process at a quicker pace, making sure your canine athlete is ready for the next day of work!
  • ASSISTS WITH FLUID RETENTION – When the body loses fluids, your dog can be left dehydrated and overheated. To keep your working dog at a safe temperature, Athlete supports the body’s natural fluid retention systems. This means fewer water breaks, shorter rest time and more work efficiency!
  • PROMOTES HEIGHTENED ENDURANCE – A short-lived burst of energy won’t help a dog that’s meant to work for hours each day! This working dog and agility dog supplement helps to extend the length of time that your dog can work at peak performance. Athlete promotes proper oxygen utilization to support stamina, making sure your dog can work as long as you need them to.