Boxie Cat Pro Air Litter

Size: 6.5 Lb., 11.5 Lb.
UPC: 855978006406

Size: 6.5 Lb.

6.5 Lb.
11.5 Lb.

Enjoy less litter mess with BoxiePro Air Lightweight Deep Clean Probiotic Unscented Clumping Cat Litter. This lightweight litter made with barley is free from heavy clay and dust, making it easy to pick up and pour. Non-stick clumps work quickly to lock away moisture and help keep your feline’s facilities fresh. Plus, natural probiotics gently eliminate odors without masking them. These probiotics keep cleaning even when your kitty tracks litter outside of his box—helping to prevent unwanted odors from lingering in your home.

Key Benefits

  • This lightweight barley litter is made without heavy clay, making it easy to lift and pour.
  • Probiotic blend keeps cleaning when your kitty tracks litter outside of his box.
  • Non-stick clumps are easy to scoop and help reduce unwanted odors caused by bacteria and ammonia.
  • Dust-free formula helps prevent irritating dust clouds when pouring.
  • Plant-based formula is biodegradable and proudly made in the USA.
Additional Information

6.5 Lb., 11.5 Lb.