Northwest Naturals Meaty Bones Grain-Free Raw Frozen Beef Bones Dog Food

Size: 1" Bones - 8 per pack, 2" Bones - 4 per pack, 4" Bones - 2 per pack
UPC: 087316380439

Size: 1" Bones - 8 per pack

1" Bones - 8 per pack
2" Bones - 4 per pack
4" Bones - 2 per pack

Northwest Naturals Raw Beef Bones are antibiotic and hormone-free beef bones of the highest quality. Dogs have a set of solid molars and extremely strong jaws that enable them to crush and chew raw meaty bones such as necks, backs, wings, ribs, and carcasses. Recreational bones offer an excellent method for dogs to exercise their jaws, massage their gums and clean their teeth while consuming amino and essential fatty acids that promote a superior quality of health.

  • Raw meaty bones may be added to your pet’s daily diet as a treat or a snack.
  • Bones should always be given with supervision to ensure your pet does not consume the bone too quickly.
  • These products are intended for supplemental feeding only.
  • NWN Beef is Grass-fed and sourced in the USA and is Antibiotic and Hormone Free.
  • Natural source of protein, fat, and minerals.




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1" Bones - 8 per pack, 2" Bones - 4 per pack, 4" Bones - 2 per pack