Why Is Your Dog Farting So Much & Natural Remedies

Dog farts are a common occurrence in most pups. However, the frequency of the farts indicates a problem that needs to be fixed quickly. While an occasional fart may be hilarious, you must act as if the dog keeps farting.

What may Cause a Dog to Fart?

Farting or flatulence is often a by-product of digestion. It is possible that while your dog breaks down food into nutrients, gas could be trapped in the colon and be let out as a fart. Occasional farting is not an issue. It only becomes a problem when the farting is more than normal. This could result after the dog eats leftovers from dinner or when it rummages through the trash. In some cases, a dog's kibble diet may be the culprit for too much gassiness.

Bad Smelling Scents?

Similar triggers cause farts that smell too bad to frequent farts. Dogs that consume processed foods regularly like kibble tend to suffer more. Such a diet exposes your dog to dehydration, cancer, malnutrition, mold, and dental challenges.  

Is too Much Farting a Reason to Worry?

Since this is the norm, you should never worry if your dog occasionally farts. However, if the farts are too many and the smell unbearable, they could signify a problem with the dog's health. It is risky to take flatulence lightly in dogs. Always check to ensure your dog does not exhibit other symptoms that indicate a significant ailment. Houston Raw Pet Food experts will advise your dog on the right diet. Gassiness can indicate other conditions such as food allergies, cancer, canine colitis, intestinal parasites, pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and so much more. It is important to visit a vet to rule out any serious consequences that may trigger flatulence. It may be an early sign of many issues.

Preventing Dogs from Farting

No one loves gassiness and farts, especially if they smell. Fortunately, getting rid of the bad smell and gas is possible. First, however, you must change your diet and opt for the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet. A raw diet guarantees proper nutrition for your dog and ensures that the dog has no issues with digestion.  

You can also prevent the farting and gas issue by ensuring your dog has minimal access to table scraps and trash. The dog should avoid litter boxes and dirty water. Watch out for obesity, especially if your dog is overweight because obesity is a trigger for flatulence.

Getting on a Raw Diet

You need to find the right food for your dogs especially when trying to control flatulence. So feel free to shop our products and have them delivered.  

Houston Raw Pet Food will deliver raw dog food anywhere around the Greater Houston Area. We will also ship to locations across Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and beyond.

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