Why Is There a Low-Quality Pet Food in The Market?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO, is in charge of regulating pet food standards throughout the US. But they don't do much to maintain the health and safety of your dogs, though.

They are a voluntary membership group made up primarily of pet food producers who do their best to uphold lax pet food nutritional guidelines to save and gain more money.

Because of nonexistent strict pet food guidelines for producers, poor quality pet food was made. And these are the things that make the quality of pet food subpar:

     1. Poor Quality Ingredients

There is no national standard in terms of producing pet food. With only the barest AAFCO recommendations, the pet food business governs itself. While some manufacturers make an effort to uphold fair standards, others take this opportunity to decrease costs and increase their earnings.

Low-quality pet food may contain nutritionally empty fillers, such as animal waste that is not suitable for consumption by humans.

     2. No Laws or Penalties Exist For Product Recalls

Pet food producers and manufacturers take this kind of opportunity to produce pet food that isn't nutritious and may cause illness. Without a product recall, even a contaminated batch will not be recalled because the regulation is nonexistent.

Manufacturers and producers can make and sell products made from cheap meat byproducts, filler, and even grains. Also, the place where this pet food came from might be unhygienic because there is no regular inspection.

     3. Marketing Tricks

You will ask, "how can they sell low-quality" pet food? Producers and manufacturers are clever. They know that people believe that food is healthy if they put "organic and fresh" on product labels. Do not fall for this old marketing trick. Food that is commercially produced is more likely to be of low quality.

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