Why Feeding Your Cat the Raw Pet Food Diet is Very Essential?

We all know that excessively eating processed food is unhealthy for humans, and pets are no different. They are also susceptible to developing diseases from eating heavily processed food.

Since these are foods that have undergone processes that changed their natural state.


Usually, food with preservatives, flavors, nutrients, and other food additives, such as salt, sugars, and fats, are processed foods. In pet terms, dry food or kibble from starches and grains.


Yes, the common pet food that almost all pet owners give to their cats is considered processed food. But what alternatives do pet owners have?


Fortunately, today, there are many healthier options for pet owners. One of these options is the raw food diet for cats.


What’s the Raw Food Diet for Cats?


A raw cat food diet is giving your cats uncooked animal products similar to what they would consume if they were wild animals. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they only need nutrition from their prey to keep them alive.


Everything in your cat's physiology, from its razor-sharp teeth to its condensed digestive tract, is built to break down and absorb raw, animal-based nutrients for optimum nutrition.


The majority of commercial raw cat feeds are created from ground bones, raw muscle, and organ meat to mimic a natural feline diet. Since cats don't need any plant-based nutrients to thrive, some diets with fruits and vegetables, are primarily for flavor appeal.


Why is it Important to Give Raw Food to Cats?


As mentioned above, cats are carnivores. They rely mainly on healthy protein from meat. Raw cat food's main ingredient is meat. It's why feeding it to cats can give them a complete and balanced diet.


Additionally, just like humans, cats can become addicted to carbs if given dry kibble since they were born. As mentioned, kibble is made from starches and grains, which are all carbohydrates. If your cats only rely on carbohydrates, they will feel hungry all the time, causing them to overeat and become obese in the long run. And obesity can cause major illnesses.


Furthermore, if you switch your cat's diet to raw food, there are numerous benefits to gain, like,


  • Smaller, less smelly stools

  • Less water consumption

  • Reduces allergy side effects

  • Eliminates pet odors

  • Cleans teeth naturally

  • Provides better weight control

  • Can eliminate diabetic symptoms

  • Can eliminate colitis

  • Improved skin and coat

  • Promotes overall health


These are some of the positive benefits when you switch your pet to raw food diet.

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