What To Do To Help Improve the Health of Your Cats?

Every time a pet struggles, its pet parents are aware of it. It's why pet parents really put a lot of effort into providing the best care that they can give. It's why Houston Raw Pet Food made this article, to help parents.


Here are the common issues cats face and how pet parents can help.


Your Cat is Having Difficulty Digesting Food


Kibble or heavily processed cat food is the culprit for this because heavily processed food is mostly made from starches and grains. These carbohydrates are giving your cat a hard time digesting.


To resolve this, start feeding your cat a raw food diet. Cats are carnivores, and their body is meant to process healthy proteins.


Your Cat Frequently Poops Stinky Stools


Unhealthy cat food can affect your cat stools. Commercially produced cat food is not digestible. It's the reason why your cat poop often. Also, it's the reason why your cat has stinky stools.


Raw cat food can stop the frequent and smelly poop from your cat. As mentioned above, raw cat food is highly digestible, meaning, your cat's body uses almost all the food that it consumes and leaves only small and odorless body waste.


Your Cat is Obese


Are you aware that kibble makes your cat overeat? Yes, it's true. Kibble is made up of ineffective carbohydrates that don't give cats enough energy. They continue to consume enormous amounts of it to compensate for the lack of nutrients that they need. It's the reason why they are obese.


Raw cat food can help your cat lose body fat by filling him up on lower-calorie foods while also providing the benefits of enhanced but regulated energy levels. They then adopt a more active lifestyle as a result of high energy levels.


Your Cat is Suffering from Urinary Issues


For many years, cats have been developing urinary or renal illnesses. It's because of dry foods with a lot of manufactured carbs.


Yes, you read that correctly. Dry food can aggravate the renal system. Dry cat foods have a moisture content of 10-12%. While raw cat food has 60-70% moisture. Raw cat food is significantly better for your cat's kidneys.


Transitioning your cat to a raw food diet requires much effort and patience. No worries because Houston Raw Pet Food can provide all the help that you need.


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