What’s the Healthiest Cat Food You Should Feed Your Cats?

Did you know that your cats' digestive systems have been specifically equipped to process proteins from meat? They are not meant to digest starches and grains. Corn, soy, wheat, or rice are always in mass-produced cat food. These starches and grains are difficult to digest for your cats.


We know how kibble and other cat foods are convenient for pet parents, but they are detrimental to your cats' health in the long run. There are many healthier cat food options out there, like raw food for cats.


Feed Your Cats a Healthy And Balance Meal


Cats are natural carnivores. It's why feeding them starches and grains is wrong. They require a healthy and balanced diet for good health. The raw cat food diet can provide this for your feline friend.


A well-rounded cat's raw diet contains meat, bones, organs, and green tripe from a wide variety of sources.


Also, protein from different sources over a week is very beneficial to your cat's overall health.


By doing so, you can ensure your cat's food is nutrient-dense. Here are examples of raw food that you should feed your cat.


  • Minces that include muscle meat, bone, and organs

  • Meaty Bones like chicken necks, turkey necks, rabbit legs, rabbit shoulders, hare shoulders, and possum pieces.

  • Green Tripe is beneficial. A small amount can be added to other raw food meals.

  • Organ Meat is a crucial ingredient for balanced raw food meals.

  • Fillet And Meat Cubes are good for your cats' digestive process but only add not more than 1/3 of their diet.

  • Fish like a tin of sardines in spring water or whole fish thrice a week.


How Much Should You Feed Your Cats Raw Food?


Cats older than six months old can eat twice a day. Feed your cat about 3% of its body weight each day if they are at a healthy weight. You can check the suggested feeding guide on your feeding plan or consult your vet.


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