What Food Is Toxic For Dogs?

Dog parents understand how human food may not be compatible with their pets. While the temptation of sharing your snacks with your pet may be high at times, it is not the most advisable thing to do. Some of the human food we consume may have dangerous ingredients for dogs. Learning and understanding what your dog can and cannot eat are important to preserve its health and wellness.

What foods are Toxic to Dogs

Well, the most recommended diet for dogs should be raw. This is where Houston Raw Pet Food comes in with various options for your dog. You may know about a few deadly nuts and foods for your dog. There are many more poisonous ingredients to watch out for, including seasonings such as salt and chocolate.  

Why is Chocolate not so Good?

Chocolate may be great for humans, but it can wreak havoc in a dog's life. They contain components such as methylxanthines and theobromine, which are generally toxic as they can potentially halt a dog's metabolism and, in serious cases, interfere with the regular heartbeat. So be careful about leaving chocolate around since a small piece is enough to wreak havoc on the dog's health.

Why Nuts Should be Avoided

One of the deadliest nuts for dogs is macadamia nuts. These are deadly even in the tiniest amounts. While the real reason for their potential to cause fatalities is unknown, it is a general rule to keep macadamia away from dogs. Another nut to stay away from would be almonds. These may not be as fatal as the macadamia nuts, but they are difficult to digest and hence will cause intestinal distress and could potentially lead to pancreatitis. Avoid flavored almonds even more since they have many seasonings that can harm the dogs.

Keep the Ice-cream Away

Usually, humans enjoy their ice cream a little more than dogs would. While these may be a yummy treat, feeding your dog with them is not advisable. Ice cream contains lactose and high sugar levels, which may not necessarily be good for pups. Therefore, it is best to avoid these, especially if your dog is obese. In addition, ice cream could trigger diabetes because of the sugar or cause painful bloating due to the lactose.

Avoid Spices

Stay away from spices and seasonings. These tend to irritate the dog's stomach lining and could result in diarrhea and dehydration. In the end, the dog may be in a lot of pain.

Some Vegetables and Fruits

Dogs may be omnivores which means they can consume a variety of foods. However, be careful about the fruits and veggies you feed them since some of these products, though good to men, can be highly toxic to dogs. Common culprits include avocados, onions, fruit pits, apple seeds, and grapes. In addition, some fruits contain toxins that can harm the dog's health. Generally, you should pay attention to the ingredients and check out potential toxins in seemingly healthy foods.

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