Tucker Raw Dog Food Review

Knowing which type of raw / pre-made food to feed your dog cannot be very clear. Questions on affordability, suitability, how to get started, and supplementations are among the top concerns that could come up. Tucker Raw Food is one of the best go-to raw foods for wholesome feeding. Below are a few exciting things that make this food brand stand out.

Diet Formulation Details

Expect to get either Freeze-dried or frozen food from Tucker Raw Dog Food. The diet formulation follows all the nutritional level guidelines by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. This works for dogs in all life stages and accommodates adults or heavy dogs beyond 70 lbs. Raw feeders will appreciate this since it eliminates the need to get raw meats. All one does is thaw/ rehydrate the food and feed your furry friend. Beginners will love the fact that everything has been simplified for them.

The food composition is also something you will love. It comprises 95% pure meat, organ, bone, and marrow, with the remaining 5% comprising pumpkin. Most dogs transition without any form of digestive complication. With pumpkin being a natural high-fiber product, it helps supply the much-needed natural fiber that aids digestion.

The food contains numerous vitamins and nutrients, including beta-carotene, zinc, iron, vitamins A, E, and C, and potassium. All other ingredients are high quality, with everything being human-grade and federal-inspected. Suppliers adhere to the Federal Animal Wellness Act, which ensures humane animal treatment even during the production of products.


The Raw Frozen Option

The Raw Frozen comes in nine different diets: Chicken, Pork & Bison, Beef, Pork & Duck, Turkey, Turf & Surf, Salmon, Pork & Lamb, and Pork & Beef. Each of the diets is single-protein except when stated. This makes it convenient, especially when you are on a trial-and-error phase for dogs with allergies and dietary intolerances.

When you open the package, you first notice that the food has a different texture from the other pre-made foods. The ingredients are pureed to achieve a dense but soft consistency. It is easy to cut the food with a spoon once it is thawed. One can compare it to canned food, which is more flavorful and nutritious.

Tuckers believe in making the food particles smaller for better digestion and absorption of nutrients. With excellent quality and pureed form that is easy to handle, tuckers' raw food is ideal even for beginners.

The top-notch packaging is also very inviting. You get 3lb or 6lb bags containing 4 oz or 8 oz vacuum-sealed patties. You can be sure that no raw food will leak into your fridge and that you will have easily organized, already portioned foods.

The price point is also quite impressive. You can pass it for an averagely priced raw pet food with a 6lb bag going for $32, which translates to the cost of $5.33 per lb.

The food is also very calorie dense. It has 400-500 calories per 8 oz patty, so you do not have to feed too much before the dog is full. This contributes to the affordable price point as well.

Freeze Dried Option

This is the second option of dog food sold by Tucker. The ingredients are near identical to the frozen ones. You can easily switch between the two types of foods without worrying about side effects.

Most dogs would be okay with a single bag a day. A bag of free-dried dog food is about $30, making it very affordable. Consider using these as food toppers or training treats. It also works well when you travel with your dog and still want to maintain its raw diet.

Buying Tucker Pet Food

You can always get your supply at Tucker's in-store shop that sells exclusively. Alternatively, get any of the foods from a local store that stocks them near you. You can also have the food shipped to you wherever you are.

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