Tips On How To Travel With Pets This Summer

Summer is here! Many people and pet owners are excited to spend their summer vacation traveling. Going on a road trip, swimming on a beach, or camping in nature, all of these activities are very exciting and refreshing. 

Do you plan to bring your pets along but are worried about all the drama and stress? Worry not! Because we at Houston Raw Pet Food will give you all the tips you will need while vacationing with your furry friend.

      1. Do Not Hassle Your Car Travel

Lucky you if your pet is a treasure during the car ride. But many pets get anxious while traveling, especially if it's their first time. To avoid a noisy and scratchy journey, plan your route, take breaks to let your pet pee, drink water, and move around. It will lessen your pet's travel stress and anxiety. You can also give supplements to your vet to avoid an upset stomach during travel.

      2. Beat the Heat

Your pets, dogs especially, get hot easily on summer days. Ensuring that you have air conditioning in your accommodations is a plus. If air conditioning is not available, you can buy cooling products beforehand. It will help your pets in beating the hot weather. But taking a swim is the best option. It can easily lower your pet's temperature, and it can help to avoid heatstroke.

      3. Do Not Forget Their Raw Pet Food 

  • Fill your cooler with ice or ice packs. You can store your pet's raw pet food there. Doing it will help to defrost the tubs easier when you're ready to use them.
  • Defrosted food will need its small cooler. Make sure you only thaw what you need, and place the thawed items in a separate cooler.
  • Make sure you bring bones! You can feed and entertain your dog with bones, which take up less space in your cooler.

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