Tips On How to Properly Give Raw Bones to Your Dogs

In today's world, people feed processed food to their dogs. But did you know that pets cannot digest grains and other fillers in processed diets like kibble? Additionally, giving pets this for an extended period can be unhealthy.

Cats and dogs used to be scavengers and hunters of nature. Because it was difficult to predict when the next meal would arrive, cats and dogs had to consume what was available. Giving pets raw pet food is ideal because of their nature.

Also, they will benefit greatly from raw pet food.

Raw bones are part of the raw pet food selection. Eating raw bones is one of the ways dogs consume nutrients. Also, there are additional benefits if you feed your dogs raw bones.

How to Properly Give Raw Bones to Dogs?Β 

Chewing on raw bones is one of a dog's pleasures. It gives them so much joy to chew on raw bones. Additionally, raw bones contain cartilage and marrow that dogs crave, which are also very nutritious. Here are tips on how to properly give raw bones to dogs.

1. Give raw bones to dogs, not cooked or smoked. Raw bones are much safer to feed to dogs because they will not break into fragments that can cause damage.

2. Choose the proper size. It is important to note that in choosing a bone, consider your dog's head size. Feeding a bone much larger than your dog's head will not pose a problem, but giving a small bone might. Small bones can cause a choking hazard or esophageal trauma.

3. Supervise your dog when you give raw bones. Dogs can be super excited when you give them bones. They can exert so much force in chewing that they can break a bone. When this happens, ensure that you can remove the broken or bone fragments from them to avoid choking and esophageal trauma.

4. Choose the perfect spot to give your dog a raw bone. Raw bones are messy. You would not want to clean a very messy living room. It is why choosing where to give raw bones to your dog is important.

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