Tips On How to Choose the Healthiest Pet Food

Pet owners ensure that their pets get the healthiest food possible, just like they do for their families. It is the utmost responsibility once you let a pet in your life.

Unfortunately, relying on regulations for pet food safety is not practical because it is almost nonexistent in our country. Nothing in our country's pet food is regulated by the USDA or the FDA.

Although the minimal nutritional guidelines for pets have been established by AAFCO, they only include the necessities for a pet to survive. Your pet requires more than just the bare minimum.

As pet owners, we have the responsibility to check all the things required to ensure the healthiest pet food for our pets.

How To Check If The Pet Food is Healthy?

Putting in additional efforts to ensure your pets' safety from what they consume is worth it. It can add to their lifespan, improve their health, and improve their lives. But how can you check if you are giving the healthiest pet food to your pets?

Houston Raw Pet Food listed down tips on how you can ensure healthy pet food.

  • Reading the product name can give you an idea of what's in it.
  • Checking the ingredients will give you the knowledge that the product is providing the nutritional requirements for your pet's diet.
  • Check if the product has at least 30% protein and 18% fats.
  • Inspect if the manufacturer uses natural ingredients like vitamin C or E. Omega fatty acids are also a good indicator of healthy pet food.
  • Check the label if it has recommendations on the amount of food you should feed your pet.
  • Watch out for marketing claims that aren't true, like "organic" even if it isn't, based on the ingredients.

Switch To Raw Pet Food

You cannot pass the responsibility to others to ensure the safety and health of your pets. There is a lot of "convenient" pet food in the market, but homemade pet food is still the best.

Although in our fast-paced world, having a lot of time to prepare a homemade meal is a luxury. It is why Houston Raw Pet Food is providing healthy raw pet food for your pet.

Houston Raw Pet Food is an active advocate of giving the best and the healthiest diet to pets. We are not a fan of offering unhealthy and unbalanced food diets to our pets. It is why we came up with our brand that locally sourced raw pet food to provide to our customers. Let us help you design a plan that works for you and your pet. 

We offer only the best selection of raw dog food and raw cat food for your furry friend. You can shop online and check our products.

We deliver twice a week in the Greater Houston area. And if you reside in Bryan/College Station, Conroe, or Corpus Christi. We can also ship our pet products and raw pet food to you within 1-2 days.

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