Three Human Foods That Are Toxic to Your Pet Dogs

Some of our favorite foods might seem healthy to us humans, but this isn’t the case for dogs.

There might be healthy foods or delicious treats that we like to nibble on regularly that might be so toxic to our pet dogs.

Here at Houston Raw Pet Food, we prioritize the safety and wellbeings of your pets.

This is why we aim to produce blog posts like these to ensure that they’re getting the best snacks that would be healthy and non-toxic for them.

To prevent any kind of mishap at home, here are three human foods that are toxic to dogs:

  1. Chocolate

Chocolates are one of the most common snacks that are delicious to humans but very toxic to your pet dogs. What most of us don’t know is that these chocolates contain a substance called methylxanthines and theobromine. Try to prevent your dogs from even getting a taste of any chocolate-flavored cakes, ice creams, bread, etc.

  1. Macadamia Nuts

Another toxic treat for dogs is macadamia nuts. These nuts are some of the deadliest foods that our dogs can consume, and most researchers are also unable to identify the exact reason why this is so. That’s why we should ensure that these nuts are out of our dogs’ reach.

  1. Garlic and Onions

Lastly, garlic and onions are two vegetables that most humans can’t live without – trust us when we tell you that these are two vegetables that our dogs should never ingest. If our dogs accidentally ingest garlic and onions, then these might cause some kind of damage to their red blood cells and lead to inevitable organ damage.

The more we know about these things, the better because then we’ll know what kind of food we can’t feed our dogs.

Here at Houston Raw Pet Food, we aim to give your dogs the best raw food that you can get in the Greater Houston Area – though we also ship to the cities of Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and beyond.

So why don’t you look through our shop today and get the best raw treats for your furry friends?

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