The Ultimate Raw Cat Food Feeding Guide for Pet Parents

The raw cat food diet is the most popular diet for cats nowadays. It is the most appropriate and nutritious option compared to mass-produced cat food in the market.


The science behind the raw cat food diet is centered on mixing uncooked or unprocessed protein, good fats, bone content, essential vitamins, and minerals to provide tasty meals that boost feline health. The raw cat food diet mimics the natural diet of cats in the wild.


It is believed that cats from the wild are much healthier compared to domesticated cats that eat processed food.


But how can you introduce the raw cat food diet to your feline?


Here is the most effective technique that you can use:


The Raw Feeding Guide for Your Cat


Switching to raw cat food can be easy or challenging for pet parents.


Generally, every cat differs from one another. Some cats can easily transition to raw food, while some may experience hurdles, especially if the cat is a picky eater.


Fortunately, this article will provide the best approaches to how you can effectively transition your cat to raw food – here are those three techniques:


The Immediate Switch


This is the most straightforward approach. Give your cats one final meal of their current cat food the previous evening, wait 12 hours, and then switch to raw food immediately the next day.


One-Bowl Technique


Add a small amount of raw cat food to your cat's current food. Start adding 10% of raw food. Gradually raise the amount of raw food within two weeks or a month until you have completed the adjustment.


The key is to slowly incorporate raw cat food until they can eat it without mixing their old meal.


Two-Bowl Technique


The same as the one-bowl technique, gradually introduce raw food meals to your cat by using another bowl instead of mixing it with the current diet. Put around 90% of the typical amount of food you feed your cat in one bowl, and 10% of the new raw cat food in a separate bowl. Slowly increase the amount of raw food as your cat adapts.


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