The Truth About Raw Cat Food Diet You Should Know

Nowadays, pet owners usually give processed food to their pets. But pets cannot digest the grains and other fillers found in processed diets like kibble. Plus, giving pets this for an extended period can be unhealthy.


Cats have historically been the scavengers and hunters of nature. Throughout the day, they seek small meals. Because it was difficult to predict when the next meal would arrive, cats back then had to consume what was readily available, which was raw flesh from fresh kills.


It's the primary reason why the raw food diet for pets has been the trend for some time now. Although, is it okay to feed raw food to pets, especially cats?


What’s Raw Cat Food and What Are the Benefits?


A cat's diet consisting solely of raw, uncooked food is what is known as the raw food diet. Raw cat food consists of ground bones, muscle meat, and organ meat that hasn't been cooked as commercial cat feeds have.


The raw cat food diet can significantly boost your feline's health.


According to experts, the benefits of raw cat food can include:


  • Reduced poop smell

  • Reduced shedding

  • Fewer hairballs

  • Increased dental and urinary health

  • Possible increase in energy

  • Possible weight loss


While these benefits are inviting, pet parents are always skeptical about the safety of raw feeding. They are most concerned about salmonella.


However, it is not the case in cats because they already have some salmonella in their gastrointestinal systems, and their bodies are accustomed to it. In fact, it was discovered that a sizable portion of healthy cats carries salmonella in their bodies.


How to Ensure the Safety of Your Cats While Feeding Raw Cat Food?


Proper steps must be followed when handling and serving raw pet food because even a tiny error might contaminate the meal that will be fed to your cats. One mistake can potentially harm humans and pets.


There are a few steps you may take to ensure safety if you want to give your cat a raw food diet.


  • Maintain proper hygiene

  • Regularly clean your space

  • Consult a veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist

  • Serve food in bite-sized portions

  • Consider using commercially prepared raw cat food


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