The Real Deal About Raw Cat Food That Nobody Told You

Feeding raw pet food has grown in popularity among pet owners in Houston, Texas, in recent years. For those of you who are unfamiliar, raw pet food is uncooked or unprocessed food.


Typically, this contains raw meat, bones, organs, fruits, and vegetables.


There are several advantages to switching to a raw food diet, even though some pet owners might be reluctant to change their cat's diet.


In this article, we will talk about the benefits of raw food diet for cats, like the following:


  • Better digestion

  • Less and odorless stool

  • Healthy coat, less shedding, fewer hairballs

  • Increased energy

  • Healthy Weight

  • Improved dental health

  • Improved urinary health


Better Digestion


A cat's small, acidic digestive tract breaks down raw food extremely quickly—around 12 hours. Because cats originated eating a diet that had almost no carbs, they only have one enzyme system that can handle them. As a result, a raw cat food diet is more digestible than a diet of plant-based foods.


Less and Odorless Stool


When cats eat a balanced diet, their bodies utilize the majority of the food, resulting in significantly smaller amounts of stools.


Additionally, they go poo less frequently, perhaps just once per day. Their feces frequently have a dry, powdery texture and barely any odor.


Healthy Coat, Less Shedding, Fewer Hairballs


Important fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3 help maintain healthy skin and coats, which lowers shedding and the likelihood of developing hairballs. Cats have a limited capacity to synthesize these acids from plant-derived precursors, thus they must originate from animal sources.


Increased Energy


Cats need a specific amount of proteins to use for their everyday activities. Because raw cat food is a balanced diet rich in protein, cats who consume raw food have more energy compared to cats who don't.


Healthy Weight


Cats that are on raw food diet don't overeat because their raw meals are sufficient for their daily needs. Cats who rely on carbs are more likely to overeat and become obese.


Improved Dental Health


Typically, cats living in the wild don't suffer periodontal disease, gum disease, or tooth loss. Because their teeth are kept clean by chewing on uncooked bones, flesh, connective tissue, skin, and fur. Carbohydrates produce a starchy layer that enables gum disease and plaque accumulation.


Improved Urinary Health


Cats who eat diets high in carbohydrates and low in moisture, especially dry food, develop chronic dehydration and have alkaline urine that can cause inflamed urinary tracts.


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