The Most Common Myths Surrounding Raw Pet Food

Raw food diet for pets is now the preferred method of many. Pets owners are switching their pets' diets to raw food because of its nutritional value.

Also, many brands, like Houston Raw Pet Food, are now committed to providing high-quality raw pet food.

Pet owners confirm that their pets experience improved digestion, healthy skin and coat, increased mobility, high energy levels, and an improvement in allergies. While this proof is confirmed by many, there are still myths revolving around raw pet food.

      1. It is Not Safe Because Salmonella is Present in Raw Pet Food

Dr. Karen Becker, an integrative wellness veterinarian, says that salmonella is present in up to 36% of all healthy dogs and 18% of healthy cats, regardless of their diet. They naturally have salmonella in their bodies because their bodies are built to process raw food. But for best practice, always wash your hands before handling your pet's raw food.

      2. Raw Pet Food is Not a Balanced Diet 

If you only feed your pets pure meat from beef or chicken. Technically it is not a balanced diet. A balanced raw food diet must consist of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ meat. Also, you don't have to balance their food every meal. The breakdown is for a weekly raw food diet.

      3. Raw Food Diets are Discouraged by All Vets

Raw feeding is a controversial practice for some veterinarians if they lack knowledge about it or have bad experiences with it, like treating malnourished pets from raw food diet. But, malnutrition from raw food diet is caused by giving unbalanced raw pet food.

However, many veterinarians, including Dr. Patrick Mahaney and Karen Becker, support raw food feeding and continuously educate pet owners about the positive effects of raw feeding.

There are many negative health implications from feeding kibble to your pets than raw pet food. Instead of feeding processed food to your pets, why not consider giving healthy raw diet options from Houston Raw Pet Food?

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