The Dangers of Raw Food Feeding and How to Avoid Them

There's no denying that raw food feeding poses a huge risk to pets as well as to pet owners. But the benefits of raw food diet for pets are far greater than the risk.


In this article, our team from Houston Raw Pet Food will discuss the dangers of raw feeding and how to avoid them.


The Risks of Handling and Feeding Raw Meat to Cats


The main issue in the raw cat food diet is the pathogenic bacteria connected to raw meat. Because in raw meat, dangerous organisms like E. coli and salmonella are frequently present.


People argue that eliminating bacteria by cooking is required to keep cats safe.


These kinds of organisms may still be present when a cat is fed a completely raw diet and may make cats ill, particularly kittens, elderly cats, and cats who already have other illnesses.


Additional risk includes the following:


  • Raw food can cause illness to anyone who prepares it.

  • Pathogens from uncooked food may be excreted in the stool of cats and even dogs. Members of the household could unintentionally come into contact with these disease-causing organisms if they are accidentally carried around the home.

  • Cats in therapy programs that consume raw food could expose those they interact with to diseases, including elderly persons in assisted living homes and youngsters who receive animal therapy.


Tips to Prevent the Risk Associated with Raw Feeding


The risks mentioned above are real, but you can avoid them. Pet owners can use the FDA tips to prevent health risks from raw feeding.


The tips include the following:


  • Washing your hands thoroughly after handling raw food.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all food preparation surfaces and utensils after preparing the food.

  • Keeping raw food separated from other food.

  • Freezing all prepared raw diets to keep them fresh until it's time to use them.

  • Refrigerating or discarding uneaten raw food from pet bowls.

  • Avoiding pet licking on the mouth or hands, especially just after the raw meal.


If you need more guidance and pieces of information about the proper handling of raw pet food, the experts from our team are ready to help.


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