The Complete Guide to Starting Your Senior Dog's Raw Food Diet

Do you plan to change your senior furry friend's diet to raw food from kibble but are afraid it is too late?

Houston Raw Pet Food believes that switching your senior dog's diet to healthier food options will never be too late, regardless of your furry friend's age.

In fact, changing from kibble to raw pet food is beneficial to your senior pet. Also, gray wolves and dogs have a direct lineage. Wolves' diets consist of natural and fresh kills, which is why we believe that raw diets are the best for our furry friends.

How Safe is Raw Pet Food for Senior Dogs?

Are you worried about giving raw pet food to your senior dog because of health issues? You don't have to because raw pet food is safe for your furry friend. Raw food diets promote better overall health, improved immune systems, easy digestion, increased happiness, and even longer lifespans.

But before you change your senior dog's diet, here is the step-by-step guide to avoid issues and achieve a successful transition to raw food.

Step 1: First Week of Transition

The first step that you need to do is to ready your senior dog's gut. Remember that your furry friend is used to a different lifestyle, habits, and diet, and transitioning them to a raw food diet needs to be a slow process. Prepare their gut by giving probiotics alongside their kibble diet. Do not give raw pet food yet.

Step 2: Second Week of Transition

After a week of preparing their gut with probiotics, you can now add a small portion of raw pet food to their meal. In your senior dog's meal, put a small amount of raw pet food mixed with kibble or canned food. The ratio should be 1/4 of raw food to 3/4 of kibble or canned food. Continue doing this for the whole second week of transition.

Step 3: Third Week of Transition

In this phase, your senior dog's gut is slightly used to raw food. Your dog might experience a loose stool over the second week or third-week transition, but do not worry. Your dog is just adjusting to the new diet. You can now make the portions half raw food and half kibble.

Step 4: Fourth Week of Transition

Give your pet a meal with a portion of 3/4 raw food and 1/4 kibble.

Step 5: Fifth Week of Transition

At this point, your furry friend can eat a whole portion of raw pet food without any issues. Your furry friend successfully switches to a healthier diet.

Transitioning your senior dog to raw food diet requires a lot of effort and patience. Worry not, because Houston Raw Pet Food can provide all the help that you need.

We have selections of the best raw dog foods for your furry companion. You can shop online and try our products if you want healthier dog food options.

Greater Houston residents can order, we deliver twice a week. Or if you reside in Austin, Bay City, Beaumont, or any other nearby city, we can also ship it to you within 1-2 days.

We also ship non-raw food and pet products across the US.

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