The Benefits of Raw Pet Food to Your Cats

Few enzymes can break down carbs in a cat's digestive system. They are far better on meals high in protein and moisture and rich in the nutrients from meat, including fatty acids, vital vitamins, minerals, & Amino Acids like Taurine. 

Because cats are carnivores, they need raw food like ground bone, meat, and organ to survive. Also, they have smaller, more acidic digestive tracts than humans, which helps them digest raw foods better. A cat can easily get rid of many infections without any problems.

Cats need 35 to 250 mg of taurine each day. And taurine is only present in meat proteins and is essential for good eyesight, metabolism, cardiovascular system, and support for a strong immune system.

It is also more prevalent in darker meats than in lighter meat, and the great source of this is organ meat.

Transitioning Your Cat to a Raw Food Diet

If you and your cat are new to the raw pet food diet, you can call Houston Raw Pet Food. Our pet nutrition specialists are available to assist you in making informed decisions about the nutrition your cat can get from raw pet food.

But at the moment, you can follow these simple tips in transitioning your cat to raw cat food:

  • Determine the amount of raw food you can give your cat based on its weight.
  • Start with pure meat raw food, meaning starting with pure chicken or pure turkey first. Do not mix anything that can complicate your cat's palate.
  • A healthy cat over a year old needs to fast for 12 hours before you give raw pet food.
  • First-timer cats are not used to cold raw pet food. Let it reduce to room temperature before giving it to your cat. Slowly and surely, your cat can transition to eating cold raw pet food.
  • You should include fish oil, like our herring oil or sardines because they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which a cat's body cannot produce.

Benefits of Raw Pet Food to Your Cats

Within the first several weeks, your cat will experience the benefits of raw pet food. A shinier coat, fewer and firmer stools, healthier teeth, improved allergies, less odor, and increased immunity.

Houston Raw Pet Food is an active advocate of giving the best and the healthiest diet to pets. We are not a fan of offering unhealthy and unbalanced food diets to our pets. It is why we came up with our brand that locally sourced raw pet food to provide to our customers. Let us help you design a plan that works for you and your pet.

We can provide your pets a healthy, fresh, and organic raw pet food selections. We ensure that our raw pet food is purely natural and can help in improving your pets' overall health.

We offer only the best selection of raw cat food for your furry friend. You can shop online and check our products.

We deliver twice a week in the Greater Houston area. And if you reside in Bryan/College Station, Conroe, or Corpus Christi. We can also ship our pet products and raw pet food to you within 1-2 days.

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